Frequently Asked Questions
Questions that asked by customers
What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that powered millions of websites. It is easy to use, customized and maintain.

Can I customize the templates that I chose?

Yes, you can. We will do it for you.

I am in dilemma of choosing templates for my website. Can you decide for me?

Yes, you can list down your requirements to us and we will hep you to narrow down and select the best templates for your website.

Do I have a full control over my website after design and development?

Of course. It is your website, right? Yes, you will have a full authorization on your website.

Do you do customization for other CMS such as Drupal or Joomla?

No. We work only on WordPress.

Do you do website hosting?

No. We don’t do website hosting. But, we have all-in-one packages where we can help you to register your website domain name and hosting with 3rd party hosting company, design and develop your website as well as bring your website up and running.

Is the pricing plan include annual maintenance, support and customization fees?

No. All the pricing plan listed do not include maintenance, support and customization fees. If you want to subscribe to it, please let us know.

Is there any hidden cost?

No. We are 100% assure that there are no hidden cost.

What templates do you use to design and develop my website?

We will either:

  1. Let you choose some pre-designed template that were crafted beautifully.
  2. Let you provide us your preferred templates, and we can customized it according to your requirements
  3. Let us know your requirements, and we get a beautiful template that suits your profile. Contact us for more information.
Why do you use a template to design and develop my website?

There are thousands of WordPress themes and templates that are crafted and created beautifully. We will purchase the respective templates from the original authors and develop it according to your needs. This is the main reason why our price plans is cheaper as compared to other website design and developers company.

What is the maintenance, support and customization fees?

If you subscribe to our annually maintenance, support and customization, it will be RM100 annually. If you do not subscribe to it, we will charge you RM30 for one time maintenance, support and customization fees.

Do I have to pay annually for your website design and develop services?

No. It is a one-off payment according to the price of the package that you choose.

What is New Hosting?

You need a new hosting to store your website files and a URL domain name as a link to your website. We can help you to register the new hosting as well as the domain name. We charged RM249 (renew anually) for that.

Other Questions?

Please contact us and we will clear your thoughts.

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